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If you have any trouble placing a report or need to  contact the Rainbow District Animal Shelter call 705-673-3647 or 1-800-836-6661 between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm.
Email: rdshelter@gmail.com
Reports expire after 90 days - it is your responsibility to repost your report if your pet is still missing.

Lost  08/10/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Stink
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Flea
He is super friendly and loving. He has a white patch near his groin. His middle toes are a bit longer than his others. He is not declawed.
Location lost: Last seen near Burnet Park.
Contact: Have multiple listing looking for him. Heather 519-567-8796

Found  08/07/2020
Dog (Beagle)

Name: Unknown
Color: Beige & Brown       Gender: Female
Collar: ....., Black
Found on Lee Valley Road Massey, Female Beagle type dog with homemade black colar.
Location found: Found around Lee Valley Feeds on Lee Valley Road running on the road
Contact: Please contact me at 249-878-7602. My name.is Melanie and I'm more than happy to return this dog to the rightful owners. Dog is safe with me and being taken care of.

Lost  08/01/2020
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Castiel
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar
Black and white tuxedo cat. He is fixed and micro chipped
Location lost: 1950 LaSalle blvd close to Food Basics
Contact: Angelica 7058222969

Lost  07/31/2020
Dog (Terrier)

Name: Tobi
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Multi
Small Jack Russell Terrier/Shipoo mix Very friendly and missed like crazy
Location lost: He ran into the bush after an animal in the trails behind the hospital and Trailer park in Espanola.
Contact: Laurie Anne McCallion 705-862-2465

Lost  07/21/2020
Dog (Chihuahua)

Name: Unknown
Color: Tan       Gender: Male
4 lb Tan chihuahua. He is 16 and cannot hear or see well. His name is Rocky
Location lost: Lost from my yard at 297 Clear Lake Dr. At appr. 8:30 am
Contact: 289-338-3263

Lost  07/14/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Arthur
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Blue
Arthur is a black cat about 10 lbs . He’s 4 years old
Location lost: Lost on Ratter lake road in Markstay about July 4
Contact: Please call 705 923-4759

Lost  07/14/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Jethro
Color: [not entered]       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
All white with blue eyes
Location lost: 40 Maple Lane near Silver Bay Road, Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island
Contact: Christine Henderson 705-377-6020

Lost  07/09/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Zoë
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar
- Black and white short hair - Black “smudge” on her left cheek - No collar - Female - 10 years old She’s an indoor cat that has never been outside.
Location lost: Laura Ave in Lively, Hillcrest Area
Contact: Amy 705-562-0098

Lost  07/08/2020
Cat (Tortoiseshell)

Name: Bianca
Color: Tortoiseshell - Multi        Gender: Female
Collar: No collar
She is a dilute tortoiseshell her colours are beige white grey and brown
Location lost: Chelmsford near Goldie Street David Street and bridge Street in the Whitson area
Contact: Myself at 705 561 8793 or owner Rebecca at 562 9285

Lost  07/05/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Dart (shelter ID: 13377P)
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Flea, White
Black short hair, male.
Location lost: Lost in the Kingsmount area.
Contact: Shana -705-562-9450

No photo yet
Lost  07/05/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Marshal
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Tiny Skinny Kitten Paw print marking on left shoulder Black spot in-between the eyes Black spot on tip of nose
Location lost: Last seen in webbwood ont. O'Neil st /young St Possible sighting near hwy/eagles building.
Contact: Brenda @ brendaheaton81@gmail.com Or 7052223882

Lost  07/05/2020
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Spike
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Male
Orange and white very talkative loves people super friendly . He’s full of life
Location lost: Lost in Killarney been missing for 6 days now .
Contact: Contact me at 2498787840 or 7052872373 . Praying for a safe return . He is loved and has two loving brothers who miss there cat dearly . Thank you !

Lost  07/04/2020
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Louie (shelter ID: 13379P) (shelter ID: 13379P)
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
Collar: Leather, Black
1 year old male tuxedo cat. Friendly but is new to the area and is afraid making him skittish. He is a very vocal cat. Loves to communicate with meows.
Location lost: Espanola-Lost on Whitney Ave Was spotted during the night by the The Queensway And Mead St.
Contact: 705-210-9049

Lost  07/03/2020
Dog (Bichon Frise)

Name: Eddie
Color: White       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Small white male dog with curly hair
Location lost: Melvin Street in Sudbury
Contact: Norm Gibeault at 705-561-4941 or 705-675-6941

Lost  06/28/2020
Cat (Tabby - Orange)

Name: Peach
Color: Orange       Gender: Female
Small framed orange cat with white patch on chest.
Location lost: Ethelbert St area in Sudbury
Contact: Aislyn Ireton 6132670515 Joshua Schortemeyer 8076339908

Found  06/26/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Bella (shelter ID: 14681A)
Color: [not entered]       Gender: Female
Collar: N/A or unknown, N/A or unknown
Location found: Albert, Espanola, ON
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  06/22/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Marcus
Color: Orange & White       Gender: Male
Medium size short hair orange and white male cat White belly, paws, chest and snout
Location lost: Lost from 2nd story apartment on McNaughton street, last seen June 23rd on Marion St.
Contact: Call or text 705-521-4318, or 705-562-2169

Lost  06/22/2020
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Max
Color: Orange Tabby       Gender: Male
Very friendly male orange tabby. The end of his tail is bent.
Location lost: Lost in Espanola.
Contact: Home: 705-869-6116 Cell: 705-862-1551

Lost  06/21/2020
Dog (German Shepherd Dog)

Name: Loki
Color: Sable       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
5 month old male puppy. Sable, white, and tan, has a black/brown tail with white tip. Snout is black and white with black dots. Husky/German Shepherd mix. Broke off collar his and took off running so he has no tags. VERY friendly. Has all his shots, is NOT neutered.
Location lost: Naughton Ontario
Contact: 7056905465 Alyssa Ritari 7053587472 Sam Gagnon

No photo yet
Lost  06/19/2020
Dog (Shih Tzu)

Name: Bella
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Female
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Small dog beige and white big black eyes newly groomed shaved. 18 lbs friendly neutered all her shots. May be scared if approached
Location lost: John street co-op 3512. 3 am going for pee near woods in back of coop. She was gone in less than a minute. She was lost
Contact: Cell 249-878-1426 Home 705-590-2289 Ask for Mike or josee

Found  06/17/2020
Dog (Husky)

Name: Unknown
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour
6 month intact puppy, purple collar, lookslike a cross between a husky and Corgi but it is a large breed pup. One blue eye and one brown.
Location found: A lady found him at the turn off on the highway in Esponola. He was running all over the road, and they where on the way to Sault so they brought him here and posted on our lost and found. I am a rescuer so I now have the dog and am trying to find owners. If no owners are found in a 5 day period I will send the pup to a rescue in the area to ensure he is safe.
Contact: Andrea Caldwell 705 297 5222

Lost  06/12/2020
Cat (Domestic Medium Hair)

Name: Shadow
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Purple
Friendly, skinny due to cancer. Identifiable traits include slight bends at top of ears and lump near base of tail. Answers to Shadow and collar has tag with name.
Location lost: Moonlight beach area
Contact: Please call 705-691-7757.

Lost  06/10/2020
Cat (Tuxedo)

Name: Bruce
Color: Black & White Mix       Gender: Male
White on nose. A lil over weight
Location lost: Lilac street
Contact: Ryan Levecque 705 698-3120

No photo yet
Found  06/10/2020
Cat (Domestic Long Hair)

Name: Unknown
Color: Grey & Beige       Gender: Female
Has beige streak running down front of face
Location found: Hoogeveen rd massey
Contact: 705 869 1902

No photo yet
Found  06/08/2020
Dog (Bullmastiff)

Name: Unknown
Color: Beige & Brown       Gender: Unknown or N/A
Collar: No collar
large well fed mastiff, sluggish
Location found: between the two speed limit fines signs past restoration on mr80
Contact: carole pigeau 705 920 0659

Lost  05/30/2020
Dog (Golden Retriever)

Name: Duke
Color: Yellow       Gender: Male
Collar: Leather, Red
Big Dog about 90 pounds, golden retriever looking, yellow with big bushy tail, white fur in tail
Location lost: last seen around my home in birch island, may have run with other dogs out onto hwy #6 south, so could be between whitefish falls and lacloche island
Contact: don McGregor 705-869-8765

Lost  05/28/2020
Cat (Siberian)

Name: Merlot
Color: Black & Brown       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Yellow
Merlot is a long haired cat with brown hair with black tabby markings. She can be identified by a orange nose. She is an indoor/outdoor cat but is usually never outside without a halter and leash.
Location lost: She ran out of our home on Keast Dr near the Laurentian campus.
Contact: Please contact me at 705-690-7232.



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