Animal Services and By-Law Enforcement


    With the shelter’s lost and found reporting system you can now place a free lost or found report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Now you can view lost and found animal posts not only of our found animals, but any other lost or found animal reports posted by the public and other participating organisations.  

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    Many animals are left to suffer on the street or are abandoned or killed by their owners. The lucky ones are taken to open-admission shelters. Many of the animals who make it to The Rainbow District Animal Shelter (an open-admission shelter) are reclaimed by their guardians or adopted into new homes. 

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    By-Law Enforcement and Animal Control is third only to police and fire protection; it is an important component in providing a safe environment to live in. By-laws are rules by which community peace and order are kept in neighbourhoods. By-law enforcement provides an effective, neutral way of imposing restrictions on people's tendency not to respect shared public space and the way their activities may infringe on someone else's property or rights.  

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