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Lost  6/7/2024: Dog, Doberman Pinscher
Name: Athena
Color: Black & Brown
Gender: Female
Description: Female Doberman. Ears and tail are cropped. Black and brown
Location lost: Wahnapitae. Bush of Red Deer Lake Road North. Went missing on May 29th, could have made it pretty far by now.
Contact: 705-919-7147
Lost  6/6/2024: Dog, Beagle
Name: Lilly
Color: Brown & White
Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Pink
Description: Has a eye defect
Location lost: Warren
Contact: Laura Schell 705-303-5529
Lost  6/6/2024: Dog, Beagle
Name: Nelly
Color: Brown & White
Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Turquoise
Description: 1 yr old friendly chocolate beagle
Location lost: Warren
Contact: Laura Schell
Found  6/5/2024: Cat, Siamese
Name: Unknown
Color: Grey
Gender: Male
Description: Dark Grey along his back and tail.
Location found: Off Bay of Islands Rd, Birch Island
Contact: Angie 705-444-4998
Stich (shelter ID: 16803A)
Lost  5/8/2024: Dog, American Bulldog
Name: Stich (shelter ID: 16803A) (shelter ID: 16803A)
Color: Beige & White .
Gender: Male
Collar: Blue Collar colour
Description: He has a heavy metal clamp attached to his collar. He has a white strip from his nose to the top of his head.
Location lost: He broke off his chain around 9pm May 7th from our property at 51 old village road Birch Island. We live close to the main highway through Birch Island so he might have been picked up.
Contact: Please text 249-878-6055 if you have seen him or know of his whereabouts
Lost  4/22/2024: Dog, Golden Retriever
Name: Archie
Color: Gold
Gender: Male
Description: Gold just a year old very friendly .
Location lost: Lost on wanupitae reserve
Contact: Contact at 705-919-2891
Lost  4/16/2024: Dog, Mixed/Mutt
Name: Hank
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Collar: Bandana, Grey
Description: Medium sized black German Shepard border collie with the smallest bit of white under his chin and a black spot on his tongue
Location lost: Markstay-Hagar area
Contact: 705-206-1715 249-377-8517 613-602-2052
Lost  4/16/2024: Dog, Mixed/Mutt
Name: Harley
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Collar: Bandana, Green
Description: Black German short haired pointer, Dalmatian, lab mix with the smallest bit of white on her chest Looks like a miniature Great Dane
Location lost: Markstay- Hager area
Contact: 705-207-1715 249-377-8517 613-602-2052
Found  4/13/2024: Dog, Mountain Cur
Name: Unknown
Color: Brindle
Gender: Male
Description: Medium size, curly tail, approx 8 months old
Location found: Nairn Center
Contact: Sean McDonald 5877771610 [email protected]
Lost  4/7/2024: Dog, Dog
Name: Luna
Color: Brindle
Gender: Female
Description: Sally dog very friendly maybe little skiddish. Answers to Luna.
Location lost: Dog was lost in Hanmer near Cote Blvd.
Contact: 705 662 3660 [email protected] Shawn Lemieux
Found  3/26/2024: Bird, African Grey
Name: Unknown
Color: .
Gender: Female
Collar: No collar
Description: Black & white Lab mix
Location found: Birch lake road Massey
Contact: Rosie
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