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Found  01/16/2022
Cat (Domestic Long Hair)

Name: [No Name] (shelter ID: 15502A)
Color:        Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Location found: Center,Espanola
Contact: The Rainbow District Animal Shelter for more information at 705.673.3647(DOGS) OR 1.800.836.6661

Lost  12/21/2021
Dog (Blue Heeler)

Name: Oaken
Color: Black & White        Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Green
Oaken is young blue heeler/pit bull mix who recently had eye surgury and is extremely friendly. He does have a loud bark but is very gentle. He loves other dogs and to play. Our chikdren miss him greatly
Location lost: Oaken was lost in Naughton in simon lake area. Several neighbours saw him between 0200-0330 hrs on december 22. Lots of tracks also found.
Contact: Call Brandon 705-207-7528 or my wife victoria-anne 705-207-3143

No photo yet
Lost  12/11/2021
Dog (Shepherd)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black & White        Gender: Unknown or N/A
Collar: No collar, not applicable
He/she is mostly all black with some white on chest & paws. No collar. Looks to be possibly a senior. Looks to be a mixed breed of possibly Shepherd and Mastiff or possibly mixed with Anatolian Shepherd ? ...
Location lost: Wondering on Colonization Road in Spanish Ontario.
Contact: Unfortunately I was not able to bring him/her inside, he/she had already ran off.

Lost  12/04/2021
Dog (German Shepherd Dog)

Name: Atlas
Color: Black & Tan       Gender: Male
Collar: Collar colour, Multi
Large German shepherd.. dark face prone ears .. very friendly playful.. likes to chase cars
Location lost: 4813 Bidwell rd Sheguiandah
Contact: Patty Cuomo 705 626 8802

Found  11/20/2021
Cat (Domestic Short Hair)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black & White        Gender: Male
Mostly black with white on face and feet. Black spot on white nose. Black tail. Friendly, litter trained.
Location found: Hwy 6 just outside of Little Current near the dump. Started being spotted in late spring or early summer.
Contact: Contact Shirley

Found  11/19/2021
Dog (Labrador Retriever)

Name: Unknown
Color: Black       Gender: Male
Collar: No collar, ...
Friendly!! Will bark at people he may not know and bit skittish Fluffy on tail and on around neck a little bit of white on chest.
Location found: If see or locate contact any animal shelter or 705-207-3965
Contact: Last seen 620 Finni road whanipitae 6pm

Lost  11/15/2021
Dog (German Shepherd Dog)

Name: Wilson
Color: Black & Tan       Gender: Male
Collar: E collar, Black
9 years old large German Shepard. Distinct white front paws, limp in right hind leg. Extremely friendly. Loves being around people. Will play fetch as long as you are willing to throw.
Location lost: Leisure Bay Rd., Blind River, ON
Contact: 705-257-9092

Found  11/12/2021
Dog (Cairn Terrier)

Name: lily
Color: Beige & White       Gender: Female
Collar: Collar colour, Black & White
Small, white, friendly
Location found: The beausejour inn
Contact: 7058572193

Found  11/04/2021
Dog (Papillon)

Name: [No Name]
Color: Brown & White       Gender: Unknown or N/A
Collar: No collar, not applicable
Papillion looks well maintained
Location found: Found azilda in antiganosh co-op
Contact: 7059198885

Lost  10/29/2021
Cat (Russian Blue)

Name: Simon
Color: Grey       Gender: Male
Yellow eyes beautiful blue grey coat in great physical health
Location lost: Valley view rd
Contact: Mandy 2493775177



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